Website Content

Having text that speaks to your audience will slowly move up your sites position in search results. Your site should keep visitors, long enough to have a good impression of what you’re about.  You can make sure your site is answering the intention of your visitors by making sure the text on your page is written well and answers the most important questions they have.  Analytics, research, and testing help fine-tune well-written text to increase the rate of visitors to customers or clients.


By taking a look at the pages at the top of a search result you can get a sense of what google has found to be good content.  A good content strategy could involve competitive research and keyword research. Using a research tool we can identify the most searched questions regarding your service or product. Using competitive research and keyword analysis can help inspire and guide your site’s text.

Message Testing

Showing two versions of your site with a minor or major changes is an effective way of testing your message.  Which version keeps visitors longer or initiate contact is then kept.  Google Analytics fills in the rest of the picture with additional insight into your site demographic.  Knowing more about your sites visitors makes it easier to know where and how best to engage your audience.